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Putting More Action Into Pennsylvania Brownfields

HARRISBURG PA – Pennsylvania officials say they’ll use a bat to strike a blow for the redevelopment of abandoned industrial sites.

A new Brownfields Action Team (BAT) will work with local officials to speed up reclamation of brownfields in Pennsylvania towns and cities, says Kathleen A. McGinty, state secretary of environmental protection. Brownfields is a term used to describe land that is somehow contaminated, usually by industrial waste products, and must be environmentally cleaned before it can be used for other purposes.

McGinty said the BAT will help to move brownfields sites from clean-up to full redevelopment in record time. “Time is money,” she added, during a Feb. 12 (2004) press conference in Allentown. “When businesses are ready to redevelop a brownfields site, our action team will make it happen in a timely and cost-effective way.”

Pennsylvania estimates it has between 10,000 and 12,000 brownfields sites, representing up to 120,000 acres of prime real estate sitting vacant and ready for redevelopment. Its most recent budget proposes to provide $40 million over four years for reclamation.

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