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Calming Real Estate Agents’ Fears In A Merger

COLUMBIA MO – As consolidation continues in the real estate industry, some smaller firms get swallowed, some big firms get bigger, and agents wonder how the new broker for whom they work will differ from the one they initially joined

Workers often experience uncertainty and stress when they are part of an acquired organization, according to researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Results of their new study, announced Feb. 11 (2004), indicate personal communication — such as meetings and discussions with supervisors — is the key to relieving worker anxiety.

“When they are part of an acquired organization absorbed into a larger one, (people) lose their previous corporate identity, must learn a new culture and language, and wonder how the merger will affect their job security, requirements and procedures,” says UMC Communications Professor Michael Kramer, who led the study that examined airline mergers.

Of various forms of communication a merging business might use to keep its workers informed — public announcements, news releases, phone hotlines and face-to-face meetings — the one-on-one time between staff and their bosses proved in the study to be the best way for reducing work-setting uncertainty.

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