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Is Your Real Estate Brokerage What It Claims To Be?

TUSCALOOSA AL – Real estate brokers often boast in superlatives to consumers about their agents and operations. It’s not uncommon to hear a firm claim to be the most ethical, most honest, or of the highest integrity in its market. But be sure that collars and cuffs match, a University of Alabama professor says.

Dr. Jerry Patterson, author of  the book “Coming Even Cleaner About Organizational Change,” (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, August 2003) thinks business leaders should regularly conduct a culture audit that examines whether their organization’s stated values are actually being practiced. A firm may profess one set of values, he warned Friday (Feb. 13, 2004), but operate by others.

“Leaders should compare what an organization says it values to what it actually values, and what the organization says it does to what it actually does, and be willing to address gaps or misalignment. This process can strengthen the organization and ensure credibility,” Patterson adds.

He favors both internal and outside reviews. For brokers, that might mean using both an in-house committee of agents, branch managers and corporate staff; and a consumer panel or a third-party consultant.

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