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Hazardous Waste Disposal Dates Set

The last collection of home hazardous waste within Montgomery County this year is scheduled for Oct. 25, but Sanatoga residents also can take advantage of eight other disposal dates set in Southeastern Pennsylvania through November.

Disposal candidate

Disposal candidate.

Home hazardous waste is generally defined as unused or leftover portions of household products containing toxic chemicals. They often are identified by labels that include the words “warning,” “caution,” “poisonous,” “toxic,” “flammable,” “corrosive,” “reactive,” or “explosive.”

Montgomery County’s Oct. 25 collection of home hazardous waste will be held at the Lower Merion Transfer Station, 1300 Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley PA.

Collectors will accept used electronic equipment; automotive car batteries, motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, kerosene and gasoline; pesticides and herbicides; household drain and oven cleaners, spot remover, dry cleaning fluid, and rug cleaners; paint products including paint thinner or turpentine, paint remover, oil based paint, furniture stripper and refinisher; and other products including dyes, lighter fluids, concrete or asphalt sealers and swimming pool chemicals. A limited number of items will not be accepted; call 610-278-3618 for details.

Other disposal dates and sites include Sept. 13 and Oct. 11 in Chester County; Sept. 13, Oct. 4 and Nov. 1 in Philadelphia County; Sept. 20 and Oct. 16 in Delaware County; and Sept. 27 in Bucks County.

Lower Merion Transfer Station
1300 Woodbine Ave.
Penn Valley PA 19072

Distance from Sanatoga village center (East High Street at North Pleasantview Road): 30.1 miles
Find directions via Google here

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