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The Cleveland-Sanatoga Connection

Decidedly curious.

That was an initial reaction to the legal notice published Monday (Sept. 1, 2008) in a local newspaper, The (Pottstown PA) Mercury, on behalf of American Tower Corporation (ATC). Its advertisement sought public comment on the company’s proposed expansion of a telecommunications facility on Ridge Road … in Cleveland, Ohio.

ATC antenna at Ringing Hill.

ATC's wireless antenna tower at Ringing Hill.

American Tower owns and operates antenna towers across the country for national cell phone carriers and other users of wireless and broadcast systems. It’s based in Boston, but is no stranger to Southeastern Pennsylvania. ATC has erected 21 wireless towers within just 10 miles of Sanatoga. The closest is a 600-foot-tall tower on Ringing Hill at 815 White Pine Lane, 3.5 miles from Sanatoga village center.  A second tower, 447 feet high, isn’t much further; 4.2 miles distant at 390 Ridge Pike, Limerick PA.

If you live in Lower Pottsgrove Township PA and Verizon Wireless is your cell phone service provider, it’s likely you’re using an ATC facility to send and receive calls. However it’s probably not the advertised tower in Ohio … unless you’re calling someone on or near Ridge Road in Cleveland.

So why does ATC want Pennsylvanians to comment on an Ohio project? We’re betting it doesn’t.

Publication of this particular notice assumedly was a clerical error, maybe on the part of someone at ATC or The Mercury. Matt Peterson, a media relations representative for American Tower, is on the case. This afternoon he promptly returned our calls requesting more information, and is delving further into the mystery now.

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