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Hanna Dumps Her Rain Here

Heavy rain and high winds from Tropical Storm Hanna blew across Southeastern Pennsylvania today, making life in Sanatoga PA and beyond wet, cool, cloudy, and far darker than usual.

The rain, which began early this morning and continued falling at 6:45 p.m. EDT, was expected to end within several hours, according to The Weather Channel. Forecasters said Hanna was moving across the 19464 zip code, which includes Sanatoga, at a speed of about 28 miles per hour. It was creating sustained winds of 19 mph locally, they added, gusting up to as high as 32 mph.

Our area, although soggy, fared far better than states to the south. AccuWeather meterologist Elliot Abrams this morning reported “the area inside a triangle bounded by Lynchburg VA, Norfolk VA and Washington DC” appeared to be taking the brunt of the storm. Governors in North Carolina and Virginia declared states of emergency there. Across eastern Pennsylvania, Abrams added, between 3 and 6 inches of rain was anticipated … significantly less than elsewhere.

The National Weather Service very early this morning (3:40 a.m. EDT) issued a flood watch for several Southeastern Pennsylvania counties, including Montgomery County. The watch was to remain in effect until late tonight, the Weather Service added.


Some streams, roadways and low-lying areas in Sanatoga were affected by the rainfall in expected ways. At about 5 tonight, water could be seen rushing west down the hill at Saylor Avenue and its intersection with North Sanatoga Road, then emptying into south-flowing Sanatoga Creek. Ponding occurred on North Sanatoga Road about 50 feet north of the intersection, but not enough to close the highway. Motorists, however, exercised caution. (See video above).

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