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Tower Mystery Solved

ATC tower at Ringing Hill.

ATC wireless antenna tower at Ringing Hill.

Expansion of a wireless antenna tower in Ohio has nothing to do with Pennsylvania. Officially.

The Sanatoga Blog reported last week (see The Cleveland-Sanatoga Connection) on the Sept. 1 publication of a legal advertisement in a local newspaper, The (Pottstown PA) Mercury, regarding work proposed for an antenna operated by American Tower Corp. (ATC) in Cleveland OH. At the time, The Blog guessed the ad had run in error.

Good guess. Matt Peterson, ATC director of communications and employee development, confirmed yesterday (Sept. 9, 2008) that a third-party consultant who advises his company on where to publish legal notices had wrongly suggested the Pottstown newspaper was the place to put the ad about the Cleveland project. Neither ATC nor The Mercury were to blame, he reported.

Ridge Road in Cleveland; Ridge Pike in Sanatoga. Such mistakes can and do happen, even over a distance of 414 miles.

Which is our cue to add this: Readers who find factual errors in articles published in The Sanatoga Blog should advise the managing editor by e-mail at Just like Peterson, we’ll investigate and correct as appropriate.

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