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Did School Start Too Soon?

Buses, coming and going.

Buses, coming and going.

If your morning commute around and out of Sanatoga seems slower and longer lately, a return of school buses may be the reason.

The Pottsgrove (PA) School District late last month changed student day schedules at both its Middle and High School campuses “to increase efficiency (in) transportation drop off and pick up times,” it said. Buses are on the roads earlier to ensure high schoolers start their classes by 7:35 a.m., and middle school students start by 8:20. Pottsgrove’s bus fleet returns to the roads earlier in the afternoon, too, because the high school day ends at 2:14 p.m., and the middle school finishes at 3:05 p.m.

Student schedules at elementary schools were not changed, the district said.

Combine Pottsgrove’s bus activity with that of the Spring-Ford Area School District, which includes adjacent Limerick Township to Sanatoga’s east, and the result is an increase of bright yellow sheet metal on local highways every weekday.

State Rep. Tom Quigley, a Republican whose 146th Legislative District includes Sanatoga, can’t get you to your destination any sooner. He is, however, interested in how soon constituents think schools should be back in session.

Quigley is conducting an online survey seeking public opinion on House Bill 258, now under consideration in the Legislature. The bill allows the state to set the date on which schools re-open in the fall; that decision currently is left to local school boards. Quigley makes it clear some lawmakers and lobbyists prefer a post-Labor Day school start.

What do you think? Let Quigley know.


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