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Make Today A Preferred Day

Fresh eggs, packed by hand, from a local farm.

Fresh eggs, packed by hand, from a local farm.

Check the ‘fridge. The cheese for your sandwiches probably was manufactured in Wisconsin or California. Those vine-ripened tomatoes may have been trucked in from ‘Jersey, or flown in from Chile. And who knows where the hamburger in that meatloaf was ground?

There’s nothing wrong with buying food from all those places. But Pennsylvania officials hope you will buy, or at least look for, foods grown or made locally. It’s better for the state’s economy, the state Agriculture Department says. Better for your farming neighbors. Maybe even healthier for your family.

That’s the idea behind “PA Preferred Day,” which was observed yesterday (Sept. 26, 2008) across the state by proclamation of Gov. Ed Rendell.

State Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff reports that more than 4,000 grocery chains, farmers markets, restaurants, food processors, wood products manufacturers, breweries, wineries and nurseries which call Pennsylvania home are enrolled in its PA Preferred branding program. The program promotes and helps to market food products and goods manufactured and processed in the state.

For chefs in Sanatoga kitchens who buy locally produced foods, every day can be PA Preferred Day.

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