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New Software For Safer Driving

Can new computer software help older drivers become safer drivers? That’s what the Allstate Insurance Company hopes to test, using Pennsylvania as a laboratory.

Allstate yesterday (Oct. 1, 2008) launched a program it said has “potential to improve what could be the most important piece of auto safety equipment: the mind of the driver.” Called InSight, the training software helps drivers increase visual alertness and think more clearly. It will be installed on computers in the offices of Allstate agents, where insured drivers can use it.

Computer software could make drivers safer.

Computer software could make drivers safer.

Local Allstate agents include Dolores Fleming, 5 N. Sunnybrook Rd., Sanatoga PA; Ryan Schauer, 3277 W. Ridge Pk. Ste B203, Pottstown; and Brian Casner, 6 Glocker Way, Pottstown.

Insight, created by San Francisco-based Posit Science, reportedly heightens “visual processing skills known to be important for safe driving.” Videos demonstrating how it works are available online.

The insurer intends to invite up to 200,000 Pennsylvania drivers, age 50 and older, to participate in the program. They benefit because Allstate may begin offering discounts to mature drivers involved in InSight exercises.

Allstate thinks it will win too, by reducing the number of accidents involving its insured older motorists. During the past three years, Allstate said, nearly 121,000 reportable accidents involving drivers between ages 50 and 75 occurred on Pennsylvania highways, killing more than 1,300 people.

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