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Webcast Offers Plan For Aging

What Baby Boomers worry most about.

What Baby Boomers worry most about.

Getting older is inevitable, although few Americans like thinking about it and fewer still plan for it. With a worsening economy squeezing everyone’s wallets, however, two senior citizen advocacy groups have teamed to create a program about advanced long-term care planning.

Advice on what families can do now to prepare for their futures will air next Thursday (Oct. 30, 2008) at 1 p.m. as an hour-long Internet broadcast from the website ( of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. The lawyers have joined with AARP in sponsoring the panel discussion that intends to cover a variety of health care issues from living quarters to living wills.

Visitors listening in during the free live webcast will have opportunities to ask questions of the panelists. To attend, visit the elder law website and click on the “Aging in America” Webcast registration button.

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