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Game One, Phils Won. Tacos Ahead

Interesting statistics about the competitors from, of all places, the U.S. Census Bureau. Who knew?

Interesting statistics about the competitors from, of all places, the U.S. Census Bureau. Who knew those guys had fun?

The Philadelphia Phillies started hot last night (Oct. 23, 2008), winning the first game of the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays, 3-2, in St. Petersburg FL. Aggressive base-running is being hailed as one of the keys to the game; the Phils stole bases repeatedly and kept the Rays off-balance.

Which means Taco Time in greater Pottstown PA is next Tuesday (Oct. 28, 2008) between 2 and 6 p.m.

If you hadn’t heard – hey, maybe you watched something other than a baseball game on TV last night – Taco Bell restaurants nationwide announced a promotion in which they would give anyone a free crunchy beef taco if a base was stolen during a World Series game. “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco,” the company called it.

The Phillies last night stole not one but three bases. Sorry, you’ll still get just one free taco; no other purchase is necessary. Belly up to the counter dring the afternoon of Oct. 28 at the Taco Bell nearest Sanatoga – 1415 E. High St., Pottstown PA – and claim your winnings.

Game 2 starts tonight at 8 p.m. Other things to consider until then:

  • Fast talk. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing, Sirius XM Radio believes. The subscription satellite radio service said yesterday (Oct. 22, 2008) it is offering four different live broadcasts of every game of the World Series, as well as a fifth channel devoted solely to callers talking about baseball. Sirius XM subscribers can hear the Tampa Bays’ broadcast in English on Channel 176; the Phillies’ broadcast in English, Channel 183; the ESPN Radio broadcast in English, Channel 189; and the ball game called in Spanish, Channel 174. Continuous baseball talk is on MLB Home Plate, Channel 175.
  • Fast read. The Phillies last year became the first professional team to lose 10,000 games, proving that those who at first don’t succeed must try, try again. Just how hard they’ve been trying in comparison to any other team is among the debates perpetuated by “The Great Book of Philadelphia Sports Lists,” written by Philadelphia sports radio personalities Glen Macnow and Big Daddy Graham and published by Running Press Books. Among other topics covered: What were the worst trades in Philadelphia history? The best trades? The best rivalries? Philadelphia figures including Bernard Hopkins, Joe Frazier, Harry Kalas, Ed Snyder, Chubby Checker, John Chaney, and over 50 other contributors lend opinions. Check it out from the Pottstown Public Library, 500 High St., Pottstown, which is funded in part by your Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township tax dollars.
  • Fast pitch. If you’re techie enough to own an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download (for a one-time fee of 99 cents), a new software application that lets you follow the World Series pitch by pitch. “At Bat 2008,” sold by – the official website of Major League Baseball – delivers video previews, game highlights and other content baseball fans can kill for. Buyer beware, though: it works only during the series, and then stops.

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