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Bathroom Scale Sales Go Heavy

Early evening jog.

Early evening jog.

Health-conscious consumers – like those joggers who, during weekday evenings, run the asphalt path that circles Richards Park on Buchert Road in Sanatoga – are turning the sale of bathroom scales into big business.

Scales now do more than just measure pounds. They digitally monitor and analyze body fat. They talk, using a voice computer to read aloud the numbers you’d rather not (or can’t) see. They remember, using built-in flash drives to (shudder!) recall weights of a week or a year ago.

The world market for bathroom scales is projected to reach $2.06 billion by the year 2012, according to California-based Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIAI) It weighed in on the subject Tuesday (Oct. 28, 2008) with a study titled “Bathroom Scales: A Global Strategic Business Report.” The company sells such reports to investors and others interested in specific industries.

Europe and North America account for nearly 68% of the world bathroom scale sales, GIAI said. It anticipates high-end scale sales will be highest among patients with chronic congestive heart conditions, because they need to continuously check body fat.

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