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Moo, And Moo Once More

Materials recycled weekly in Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township include newspapers and magazines, junk mail, office paper, phone books, cereal boxes, cans, glass and plastic. Can leather be far behind?

What's old is new again.

A New Jersey company, Eastern Textiles, on Tuesday (Oct. 28, 2008) said it began selling a line of recycled leather goods to interior design firms, furniture manufacturers and other producers with leather needs.

Eastern’s Organics brand is made from post-industrial leather material – like trimmings from a shoe maker – and reportedly is stronger than traditional leather. It comes in 10 different colors: black, white, two shades of red, and six light-to-dark browns. Organics is available only through authorized distributors and not to the general public … yet. Depending on the firm’s success, though, you could be sitting on a sofa covered with its reused rawhide sometime in the future.

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