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Speaker System Rented For Games

Aerial photo of Pottsgrove stadium.

Aerial photo of Pottsgrove stadium.

The sound from the football field in Pottsgrove High School’s stadium, 1345 Kauffman Rd., Pottstown PA, should be so clear for tonight’s (Friday, Oct. 31, 2008) big game at 7 between Pottsgrove and Pottstown High School that the crowd hears every call, every hit, every audible.

Well, maybe it won’t be that good. But it certainly should be better that what was heard last week which, members of the Pottsgrove School District Board of School Directors admit, was little or nothing.

The district will rent sound equipment to be used in the stadium for the remainder of the football season, board members agreed during their meeting Tuesday (Oct. 28, 2008). The rental expense was authorized after maintenance personnel discovered last week that five of eight speakers connected to the stadium’s 20-year-old public address system were, as district Business Manager David Nester put it, “toast, and beyond repair.”

The problem – a distinct lack of sound – became apparent during the second half of a game played Oct. 24. People watching the contest could barely, if at all, hear the play-by-play announcer’s calls, Nester said. Subsequent investigation into the cause revealed the five soundless speakers.

Ensuring visitors hear all that they came for is now high on the high school agenda. Pottsgrove’s young football team is set to compete for a championship this year. The Falcons are unbeaten in the Pioneer Athletic Conference and have already clinched a spot in the playoffs soon to come. That requires the stadium sound system to be in top working order.

Nester suggested Tuesday the board could consider buying a new system, at a cost of between $6,000 and $15,000, to replace the antiquated model. Two bids for new systems were available for the board to consider. He noted, however, that equipment components in the two differed substantially and that installation of either might not be timely enough for playoff games.

Board Treasurer Fred Remelius preferred more research on the proposed purchase first. “I’d hate to see us spend $10,000 on a system and not be any farther ahead,” he said.

A new set of bids probably will appear before the board early next year, Nester said. Payment for the project, if authorized by the board, would be made from the district’s capital fund rather than from general operating money.

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