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If You're A Slob, You Could Win

Way too clean to win.

Way too clean to win.

SANATOGA PA – Summer’s long been over. Your backyard grill – the trusted cookpit of steaks, chops, chicken, and that sadly failed experiment with vegetables – was covered up but never cleaned when the temperatures dropped. It’s been frozen, thawed, and frozen again, and looks wholly grungy.

For now, that’s good.

Sanatogans who pride themselves on owning “the grossest grill in America” can enter it in a new contest sponsored by cleaning products maker Kimberly-Clark Professional. Take a digital photo of your greasy, mucky mess and submit it online to “Dirty Grills Gone Wild.”

The owner of the worst-looking grill, on which no one in their right mind would ever cook again, will win something new to cook on: a Dacor Epicure 36″ grill and grill cart valued at $5,900, as well as a year’s supply of Kimberly-Clark’s Scott Shop Towels to keep it clean. Good luck with that.

Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The contest ends the week after the Super Bowl; photo submission deadline is Feb. 2, 2009.

Photo by Elvis Santana

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