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Kids Expect Less Beneath Tree

What's underneath worries kids.

What's underneath worries kids.

SANATOGA PA – Think only adults worry about the nation’s faltering economy? Think again. It’s on kids’ minds too, particularly as the holidays approach. They’re anticipating a recession measured in Wii game boxes, iPod music players and wear-it-to-school fashions, according to a Philadelphia market research company that specializes in youths and teens.

An overwhelming majority – 84 percent – of American children between the ages of 9 and 17 claim to be either very worried or somewhat worried about the state of the economy, Node Research Inc. said Tuesday (Nov. 25, 2008). More than half told the firm they expect to receive fewer or less expensive gifts during Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.

Slightly more boys than girls are troubled by U.S. economic conditions, Node reported. Ethnically, African American youths apparently are less likely to be worried about the economy than Asian, Caucasian, or Hispanic and Latino youth. By any measure, though, “there is a huge correlation between kids’ feelings about the economy and what they expect to see under the Christmas tree,” said Node Director of Youth Research Mike Fassino.

As Sanatogans and others head to stores today (Nov. 28,2008) to take advantage of retailers’ Black Friday shopping specials, they’ll likely take holiday wish lists with them. Node says it knows what tops most kids’ lists: for boys, it’s Nintendo’s Wii, followed by money and Microsoft’s XBox360; for girls, it’s an Apple iPod, followed by the Wii, money and clothes.

The retail price of the average 10-year-old’s wish list is (gasp!) $794.

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