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Welcome To (Brrrr) The 45-Degree Zone

Check your tire pressure.

Check your tire pressure.

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – It happened sooner this year than most forecasters expected, but township residents have already been plunged into the “45-degree zone.”

The zone is a geographic area of the northern U.S. (including Pennsylvania) where winter temperatures annually drop below 45 degrees. It’s also where, as a general rule, drivers must do more to prepare their cars for winter.

Here’s how to be sure your car is ready when the snow flies:

  • Set your tire pressure for optimum safety. On winter tires, one tire manufacturer suggests pressures set 2.9 psi higher than those recommended for summer or all-season tires.
  • Pack your trunk with a set of jumper cables, a snow brush, ice scraper and de-icing spray.
  • Top off your car’s wiper fluid reservoir.
  • Check your radiator, shock absorbers, brakes and battery to make sure they’re in top form.

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