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Economy Keeps Folks At Home

More empty tables.

More empty tables.

SANATOGA PA – Home is where the heart is for Sanatogans, and others around the country. It’s also where their wallets stay fuller.

An increasing number of Americans expect to wait out the current economic storm in the comfort of their own living and dining rooms, according to a Pennsylvania-based marketing research group. In polling conducted shortly after the November elections, it found that more people are eating at home rather than out, and staying in to watch TV rather than head to a movie theater.

The poll by The Research Intelligence Group (TRiG) of Fort Washington PA found Americans – regardless of their income, gender, region, or age – overwhelmingly expressed a need for greater caution in spending their money.

Most affected by their anticipated reduction in spending, the poll showed, was restaurant dining, entertainment, and holiday shopping. Least affected: telephone service and cable or satellite television services.

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