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Firemen Head Back To School

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Volunteer firefighters from the Sanatoga and Ringing Hill fire companies are going back to school Dec. 15, if only for three hours, to learn how to care for a crime scene that also demands an emergency response.

Volunteers will learn how to preserve the scene.

Volunteers will learn how to preserve the scene.

“There’s a need to protect the area, to preserve evidence, and to ensure people sign in and sign out. There’s a lot to know,” township Fire Marshall Lew Babel explained Monday (Dec. 1, 2008) to the township Board of Commissioners, in describing the class to be held at Ringing Hill’s station, 815 White Pine Ln., Pottstown PA. Lower Pottsgrove Police Det. Mike Foltz will serve as instructor.

Actually, Babel added, the crime scene class is the second of two scheduled this month. Another session, on reducing lower back strain while fighting a fire, was scheduled for last night (Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008), at the Sanatoga station, 2222 E. High St., Sanatoga PA. It was being taught by local medical personnel, and had been recommended by the township’s insurers. Members of both companies were slated to attend it as well, Babel said.

Firefighter training is a continuing exercise for both companies, Babel noted. In October alone, members of the Sanatoga station attended 14 different training sessions; members of Ringing Hill attended 18.

Photo by Andy Naylor

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