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The Post's First Three Months

Joe Zlomek

Joe Zlomek.

During the first three full months of its online distribution, The Sanatoga Post was seen by almost 6,000 individuals, Managing Editor Joe Zlomek reported Monday (Dec. 8, 2008).

Compiled statistics for the interactive news resource that covers Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township and Sanatoga PA also show that Post readers browsed more than 7,700 times through more than 300 articles published during the period.

The figures – those of individuals, called “visitors;” and of pages browsed, called “page views” – are among any website’s most important measurements. “We’re delighted to have come so far so quickly,” Zlomek said, “and we thank our readers. The results are a far cry from Day One, on which we had only one reader and only three page views, and whoever it was probably landed there by accident!”

During its first 90 days, ‘The Post’ averaged 66 unique visits and 86 page views daily.

Its day of highest readership during the period was Oct. 27, a Monday, when the website logged 263 page views. Its lead story that day was a photo feature titled “Scary Fun In Sanatoga Park,” which showed children enjoying themselves at the township’s annual Halloween celebration.

‘The Post’ also marked other milestones in its opening quarter.

Its headline-and-story feed was syndicated during the third week of October by Topix, the largest news community on the web. Since then, because of Topix distribution, articles published by ‘The Post’ have regularly appeared on the websites of the Cable News Network (CNN), The Washington Post, America Online (AOL), Comcast, Earthlink, and Google News.

Additionally during October, ‘The Post’ was recognized by the nationally known Knight Citizen News Network (KCNN) as the newest of 36 interactive local news content websites operating in Pennsylvania. KCNN listed ‘The Post’ in its national directory of citizen media sites.

‘The Post’ began free publication on Aug. 25, 2008, at and Statistics reported reflect readership for only the period between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2008; are compiled from several independent sources, and have not been audited.

The Sanatoga Post is published by Career Education Media Ventures of Sanatoga PA.

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