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Introducing 'The Post' Poll

SANATOGA PA – Beginning today (Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008), The Sanatoga Post introduces a new feature called ‘The Post’ Poll.

Cast your vote.

Cast your vote.

The poll is a fast and, we hope, fun way to gauge reader opinions on specific topics. The first poll appears at the bottom of an article published today, “Water Attendance Urged At Board Meetings.” Its goal: to see what readers think about the use, or not, of fluoride in Lower Pottsgrove‘s drinking water.

The poll is hosted by an online application service, PollDaddy, based in County Sligo, Ireland. PollDaddy began operation in 2006, and now provides polling and survey widgets – like those created by ‘The Post’ – to more than a half-million users worldwide.

To be a part of ‘The Post’ Poll simply read the question posed, choose a favored response by clicking on its adjacent button, and then click “Vote.” It’s that easy.

Participants get immediate feedback, too. ‘The Post’ Poll will report, in real time, what percentage of respondents favor which choices. Only those who vote can get immediate results, however. PollDaddy reports the technology is in place to block multiple votes and avoid rigging the outcome.

The current poll will remain available to voters for seven days from the date of publication, and then will be deactivated. Only one poll will be active within any seven-day period. At the end of a polling period, ‘The Post’ will publish final results of its latest poll.

Got a question you want to see polled? Let us know by e-mail.

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