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Second Chance For A Tax Rebate

SANATOGA PA – Sanatogans and millions of other taxpayers may get a second chance to qualify for a tax rebate, known as a “recovery rebate credit,” under an economic stimulus package approved by Congress last February … even though the rebate deadline has long since passed.

California-based Intuit Inc., which makes income tax processing software, said Tuesday (Dec. 9, 2008) that taxpayers may be eligible for a rebate check when filing their 2008 tax returns if they:

  • Filed a 2007 tax return but didn’t qualify then for a rebate, or qualified for less than the full amount due to their income, dependents or filing status. This includes individuals who did not qualify because their 2007 income was too high, but who were recently laid off from their job.
  • Had a financial or other life change in 2008, such as getting married, having a baby, or a significant change in income. Families who had a baby in 2008 may be able to claim an additional $300.

Eligible taxpayers will likely receive their rebate check in 2009 after filing their 2008 tax return, according to Intuit. For most taxpayers, it added, the recovery rebate is an advance credit on 2008 taxes that will not need to be repaid, deducted from their refund, or taxed.

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