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'The Post' Week In Review

Published during the week just ended in The Sanatoga Post:

Dec. 13

Dec. 12

Dec. 11

Dec. 10

Dec. 9

  • Improving The Odds At The Interchange
    The President-Elect’s plan to bring the nation out of recession may provide a serendipitous lift to Lower Pottsgrove’s economic development.
  • Notebook Worthy
    Scraps from a reporter’s notebook. Not enough for a story, but a paragraph or two about interesting things seen, heard or revealed.
  • The Post’s First Three Months
    Almost 6,000 individuals read articles here in our first 90 days. We thank you.

Dec. 8

  • Framing The Rocks Discussion
    Eight short questions have been posed to guide deliberations over the future of Ringing Rocks Elementary School. More are likely.
  • Fill Piles At Sanatoga Exit
    The vacant lot next to Turkey Hill in Sanatoga will see some truck activity soon.
  • What They Sold For
    Answering the question, “What’d they pay for that house?,” in Lower Pottsgrove Township.

Dec. 7

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