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Winter's April Fool's Joke

It wasn't all that long ago - Dec. 9, 2005 - that snow piled up along the road of Lower Pottsgrove Township. One driver took this shot of his snowy truck near the Best Western Inn on Industrial Highway.

It wasn't all that long ago - Dec. 9, 2005 - that snow piled up along the roads of Lower Pottsgrove Township. One driver back then took this shot of his truck at the Best Western Inn, Industrial Highway.

SANATOGA PA – Just two days after Christmas, temperatures around Sanatoga today (Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008) are expected in the unseasonable 50s. Sunday could be better still, with highs nearing a record 65 degrees.

Don’t let the current weather fool you.

Lower Pottsgrove drivers must be prepared and alert for winter road conditions that are sure to return, according to the American Automobile Association, and that could affect a car’s handling and braking ability.

AAA last week offered its annual list of winter-driving suggestions:

  • Increase your following distance. Build in a six-second time gap between your front bumper and the rear bumper of the car you’re following
  • Exercise caution. Ice is most likely to form first and be slipperiest in shaded areas, bridges, overpasses and intersections
  • Improve visibility. Clear snow and ice from the entire car. Brush away snow from the hood, roof, trunk, turn signals, lights, windows, mirrors, and fender wells
  • Drive with headlights on low-beam. Lights at low-beam provide better road illumination in snow and fog than do high-beams
  • Slow down in bad weather. Remember, posted speed limits are set for ideal road and weather conditions
  • Avoid sudden starts, stops and turns. Accelerate carefully so car wheels don’t spin
  • Apply brakes firmly. The best technique for braking on ice or snow is “threshold” or “squeeze” braking. Apply brakes firmly to a point just short of lock-up and ease off the brake pedal slightly. Steady pressure is better than “pumping” the brakes. For anti-lock brakes, continuous firm braking is recommended. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper procedure
  • In a skid, ease off the accelerator. Carefully steer in the direction you want the car to go and straighten the wheel as soon as the car begins to go in the desired direction
  • Anticipate danger. Be on the lookout for ice on bridges, snow-covered lane markings, stalled cars and poor visibility. Watch for drivers who are unprepared for changing road conditions
  • Have at least half of tank of gasoline in your vehicle. Be sure to have a “winter survival kit,” in your vehicle, including ice scraper and brush; shovel; boots, gloves and hat; flashlight; and first aid kit.

Photo by Sam The Bruin Man

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