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Results Count Most In Infrastructure

Taxpayers want to see how and where their money is being used, a new poll says.

Taxpayers want to see how and where their money is being spent, a new poll says.

HARRISBURG PA – A majority of the nation’s taxpayers are willing to pay a little more for improving things like crowded schools, crumbling roadways and collapsing bridges, according to a new poll, but it seems what they want first is proof that their money will buy results.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and other public officials in a group called “Building America’s Future” on Thursday (Jan. 8, 2009) said research indicated taxpayers demand accountability for their infrastructure dollars. The group’s poll, conducted online last month, found:

  • 94 percent of Americans are concerned about the state of the nation’s infrastructure.
  • Energy facilities are their highest infrastructure priority, those polled said. Roads and highways scored second. Clean water was third.
  • 81 percent say they’re prepared to pay 1 percent more in taxes to rebuild it.
  • 61 percent say accountability is their single highest priority in infrastructure spending.
  • 31 percent care most that projects are on time and on budget.
  • 24 percent want to see exactly where the money is being spent.

In Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township and elsewhere across the state, discussions of infrastructure repair and replacement have taken on heightened urgency as the incoming Obama Administration makes plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on public works projects to spur the economy. Re-engineering of U.S. Route 422 and its feeder roads are among items topping the list of what township leaders hope to accomplish with federal funds.

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