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Ca-ching! Goes Lower Pottsgrove

If a parade costs $10, and a mtorocade costs $10, is there a discount for a motorcade within the parade? Just wondering ...

If a parade costs $10, and a motorcade costs $10, is there a discount for a motorcade within the parade? Just wondering ...

SANATOGA PA – What’s it cost to do business, or almost anything else, within Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township? Eleven spell-binding pages will tell you.

By the way, they’re among the few things that are free.

The township’s 2009 schedule of “fees, deposits and escrows,” approved last month (Dec. 18, 2008) by its Board of Commissioners, is now available for download (at no charge) from the township website. The 11-page document – 12, if you count its blank back page – covers fees for a wide range of services from the police department, to code enforcement, to zoning approval, and more.

Included are prices the township charges those who want to:

  • Hold a parade or motorcade ($10, ticker-tape not included);
  • Sell products from house-to-house ($75 on foot, $100 in a car);
  • Have a building plan reviewed ($1,500 if the building will cost more than $5 million to construct, less for cheaper structures);
  • Get a permit to install a solar hot water heating system ($115 for commercial use, $45 for residential use);
  • Obtain a copy of a police department accident report ($15 if the accident was reported to the state, $5 if not); or
  • Make a photocopy of a single-page document (25 cents).

Over the period of a year, the accumulated fees shown in the rate schedule add up to tens of thousands of dollars in supplemental revenue in the township budget. Most of the described services are available at the township municipal building, 2199 Buchert Rd.

A paper copy of the fee schedule, rather than one that’s downloaded, will likely cost $2.75 in photocopy fees … excluding that blank page.

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