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Dent Says Recovery Bill Needs Work

Charlie Dent

Charlie Dent

WASHINGTON DC – Republicans in the U.S. Senate say they’ll search for a compromise with President Barack Obama on an economic stimulus bill that could end up costing around $900 billion, but they want tax cuts to play a large role, Reuters News Service reported today (Friday, Jan. 30, 2009). The plan already passed the House solely on party lines, but Lower Pottsgrove‘s congressman opposed it because he thinks jobs won’t be created fast enough.

Rep. Charlie Dent, whose PA 15th District includes the township, on Thursday said Obama’s recovery bill “doesn’t focus most resources on the immediate need for job creation.” Instead, it needs more “shovel-ready projects,” Dent claimed.

Only 7 percent of money to be spent under the bill will be used by the end of fiscal 2009, and another 38 percent by fiscal 2010, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates cited by Dent. Yet it devotes less than 10 percent of spending on hard infrastructure projects “proven to create and preserve the greatest number of American jobs,” he added.

Although he supports many programs and projects contained within the bill, Dent said “they should be considered through the normal appropriations process.”

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