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District Paid February Conference Costs

Called to order.

Called to order.

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – A total of $9,162 was authorized to be spent during February (2009) by the Pottsgrove School District Board of School Directors to allow teachers and administrators to attend professional or skills development functions.

Board approvals of such expenses are often routine, rarely discussed, usually unanimous, and sometimes included in omnibus motions for acceptance of all action items listed by district Superintendent Dr. Bradley Landis on the board’s agenda. February is a popular month for such events, primarily because so little else is scheduled to conflict with attendance.

In addition to the cost of attending a meeting – which may or may not include registration fees, the purchase of support materials, food, lodging and transportation – the board also is advised of and authorizes the cost of hiring a substitute teacher or worker, if necessary, to cover conference-goers’ absences. The district reports the cost of one substitute day as $100.

The following reported costs were authoized by board members during their meetings of Feb. 10 and 24 (2009):

  • $800 for attendance by Donald Petrella, Pottsgrove High School guidance counselor; Krista Rundell, Classrooms for the Future coach; and Nancy Miller, high school nurse, at the annual Student Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) conference at Penn State University;
  • $780 for attendance by Gary DeRenzo, district athletics director, at the annual conference of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors. These expenses were paid from the district’s athletic fund, an agenda noted;
  • $1,925 (which includes four substitute days) for attendance by guidance counselors Diana Holoka, Kyra Ebert, and Jill Bossler, and high school teachers Antonio Montes and Jason Gault at the annual conference of the Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals (PASAP);
  • $100 for attendance by Jack Thomas, athletic trainer, at healthcare provider recertification training for cardio-pulmonary resusitation. This expense was paid from the district’s athletic fund;
  • $1,600 for attendance by district Assistant Superintendent Shellie Feola at a five-day workshop titled “Creating A Professional Development Program That Works,” sponsored by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development;
  • $382 for attendance by Pottsgrove Middle School Assistant Principal Terri Koehler at three-day training in the Pennsylvania Middle School Association’s Professional Development Institute;
  • $1,320 (including six substitute days) for attendance by high school teachers Megan DeLena and Mark Shuster at the Pennsylvania DECA State Career Development Conference. DECA promotes education for students interested in careers in marketing, management and entrepreneurship;
  • $1,300 (including four substitute days) for attendance by high school Principal Christopher Shaffer, Rundell, and Lisa Cies, health and physicial education teacher at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School, at a grant-writing and evaluation conference;
  • $550 (including two substitute days) for attendance by middle school teachers Eileen Edling and Janet Edelman at a conference on building deeper readers;
  • $235 (including one substitute day) for attendance by Lower Pottsgrove Elementary teacher Sara Beaver at a conference on managing students in the classroom; and
  • $170 for attendance by Feola at the conference of the Pennsylvania Association of School Personnel Administrators.

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