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'The Post' Week In Review



Published during the week just ended in The Sanatoga Post:

Saturday, March 14

  • Township Gets Audit Notice Do-Over
    Typographic errors in a legal advertisement published Friday cause Lower Pottsgrove Township to request publication of a corrected ad today. If at first you don’t succeed …
  • Y’s 8th Run Scheduled For April
    The Pottstown YWCA’s 8th annual Spring Forward 5K Run and Walk is expected to attract 250 participants. The course is flat, circular, and great exercise for a good cause.
  • Keep Healthy Next Week
    Ostomy, grief, MS and prostate support groups, blood pressure screenings, and a talk for women on domestic abuse. There’s a lot of assistance available out there.
  • Pottsgrove Falcons Sports for March 14, 2009
    Who’s playing what, when, and where in the Pottsgrove School District.

Friday, March 13

Thursday, March 12

Wednesday, March 11

Tuesday, March 10

  • A Glimmer Of Optimism In Hiring
    Regional job news in the Philadelphia area isn’t all bad, a major personnel firm says. At least 85 percent of companies indicate they’re NOT laying people off. Another 5 percent are actually looking for workers.
  • May I Interest You, Sir, In A Nice Chablis?
    At Lower Pottsgrove’s Wine And Spirits Shoppe, and in others like it across the state, a consultant has been hired to help teach employees the art of customer courtesy.
  • Measuring Debt 1 Grocery Bag At A Time
    By a conservative estimate, Lower Pottsgrove households owed a whopping $63 million in combined debt on credit cards alone by the end of the fourth quarter of 2008 … and the debt load is rising.
  • Pottsgrove Falcons Sports for March 10, 2009
    Who’s playing what, when, and where in the Pottsgrove School District.

Monday, March 9

  • What They Sold For
    A weekly review of the top prices paid for homes in Lower Pottsgrove and surrounding townships.
  • Notebook Worthy
    Signs in Sanatoga prove advertising pays. Lower Pottsgrove police prove DUI is always a mistake. A local credit union proves some financial institutions are doing just fine, thank you.
  • Win Chance To Drive Derby Car
    Kids age 8-12 in the Pottsgrove School District can win a chance to drive a soap box derby race car sponsored by The (Pottstown PA) Mercury newspaper. Contest entries are due Friday.
  • S-F Chamber Women Meet At Cutillo’s
    Dressing for success on a budget is the theme of Thursday’s program.
  • Pottsgrove Falcons Sports for March 9, 2009
    Who’s playing what, when, and where in the Pottsgrove School District.

Sunday, March 8.

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