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Club Revive Dance Cancelled, Or Just Moved?

Club Revive logo.

Club Revive logo.

SANATOGA PA – There are questions today (Friday, March 20, 2009) over whether the Club Revive dances popular with those under age 21 and – until this week – held at Sanatoga’s Sunnybrook Ballroom, have been temporarily canceled or simply relocated.

Sunnybrook issued a press release Thursday (March 19, 2009), according to The (Pottstown PA) Mercury newspaper, claiming a dance scheduled for tonight had been canceled as a result of an altercation at a previous event that required police to break it up. However, a check of the club’s website this morning shows its operators still plan to hold the dance tonight in a different Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township location: Academy Hall, 1700 Industrial Hwy.

The website boldly declares the club would conduct a “Back At It Party” tonight in the new venue with new disc jockeys. “Club Revive continues the party and it will be even bigger and better than the last time!!  We expect to see even more people,” one of its pages announced.

Sunnybrook Ballroom.

Sunnybrook Ballroom.

Minor fights broke out at Sunnybrook last week (Friday, March 13, 2009) as the last dance was closing, and police from several departments responded. Two teenage boys were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

In its press release, Sunnybrook said it was working with Club Revive operators to restore the dance, The Mercury reported. Said to be under review were traffic patterns, dance times and attendance rules to ensure audience safety. The press release indicated Sunnybrook would resume the dance March 27 after a one-week hiatus.

A copy of the Sunnybrook press release was not provided to The Sanatoga Post, nor was it available on the ballroom’s website.

In stark contrast, Club Revive’s website said it intended to hold its March 27 dance at Academy Hall as well … not at Sunnybrook.

The club website has added a Rules Page. “Yeah, rules – we need to set a few basic ones in order to keep Revive alive,” it states. And in the largest text typeface on the page, it proclaims, “No Fighting.  We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

It further adds: “Fighting is the surest way to close Revive for good.” Addressing dance-goers directly, it claims it is their “responsibility not only to not get into fights but to tell security or management if you suspect there may be a fight or potential fight.  Don’t prove some people right by showing them you don’t deserve this.  You do!  This is your opportunity to show them.”

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