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Ringing Rocks Re-Examined April 14

Front entrance at Ringing Rocks Elementary School.

Front entrance at Ringing Rocks Elementary School.

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Pottsgrove School District residents, take heed: you’re being asked to action once again.

The district Board of School Directors wants the public to hear about and discuss three options it’s considering for renovation or expansion of Ringing Rocks Elementary School. Its April 14 (2009; Tuesday) meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria at Ringing, 1401 Kauffman Rd., is where board members plan to unveil the latest round of proposals for refurbishing the school, and comments are being sought.

An invitation to the meeting, which is open to all anyway but might not otherwise have attracted additional attention, was posted Thursday (March 19, 2009) on the district website and also distributed to the media.

School board members have reviewed possible renovations or expansions to Ringing and other facilities since last fall. A study last year by district architects recommended a broad range of improvements and additions, including an expansion of Pottsgrove High School and renovations to athletic fields. However, the board currently is looking only at Ringing, the district building most in need of repairs.

Several of Ringing’s large mechanical systems need to be replaced. District administrators also hope to add program, security and accessibility updates “to bring the building in line” with elementary schools in Lower and West Pottsgrove, district Superintendent Dr. Bradley Landis notes.

Options now being proposed:

  • Update only mechanical systems and infrastructure, such as a roof. This option would not include additional classroom or small group instructional space, no new cafeteria, gymnasium, library, art or music facilities;
  • Expand Ringing to allow for what the district terms as “some program equity” with its other elementary schools, but no additional classroom space. Mechanical systems and infrastructure also would be updated; and
  • Expand Ringing to provide enough classroom space for full day kindergarten district-wide, along with program equity space and mechanical upgrades.

“The school board is interested in ongoing input from parents, staff and community members regarding the Ringing Rocks project,” Landis said. Those unable to attend the April 14 meeting can send opinions to the superintendent by e-mail or by calling his office at 610-327-2277. They also can send an e-mail to the entire board.

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