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Wealthy? No, But We've Got A Big Clock

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Looks like the township didn’t make this cut.

BusinessWeek Magazine‘s online edition last Tuesday (March 17, 2009) released its list of America’s 10 Wealthiest Towns. Neither Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township or Sanatoga village were to be found there.


Of places snooty enough to break into the Top 10, five are in California; hey, if the Left Coast is so great, why is it so broke? Three are in New York, where there’s still snow on the ground.  Illinois and Maryland have one each.

The magazine ranked its most moneyed municipalities based on the 2008 net income and 2008 net worth of their residents. The list:

  1. Brookville NY: average income, $328,404; average net worth, $1,670,075;
  2. Atherton CA: $380,535; $1,648,161;
  3. Rolling Hills CA: $324,190; $1,647,622;
  4. Kenilworth IL: $334,634; $1,619,702;
  5. Hillsborough CA: $300,943; $1,668,732;
  6. Roslyn Estates NY: $298,935; $1,664,191;
  7. Hidden Hills CA: $318,843; $1,630,085;
  8. Oyster Bay Cove NY: 317,661; $1,625,524;
  9. (tie) Chevy Chase MD: $311,170; $1,635,311; and
  10. (tie) Los Altos Hills CA: $298,510; $1,653,676.

By the way, the median household income in Sanatoga during 2007 was $59,324, according to U.S. Census data … so we fell just a little short.

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