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LGS Unit 2 Returns After Maintenance

Limerick Nuclear, as seen from overhead in a 2007 file photo from Google Maps.

Limerick Nuclear, as seen from overhead in a 2007 Google file photo.

LIMERICK PA – Twin columns of wispy white, billowing Monday (April 13, 2009) from the concrete stacks that can be seen by drivers for miles in either direction of U.S. Route 422, meant both units at Exelon Nuclear’s Limerick Generating Station (LGS) were back in operation.

LGS Unit 2, which was shut down 21 days ago for planned re-fueling and maintenance, was safely returned to production Monday at 1:41 a.m., with electricity it generates flowing into the regional grid for distribution, Exelon spokesman Joseph Szafran said.

Operators shut down Unit 2 on March 23 (2009). That allowed a horde of 2,000 technicians, engineers, specialists and other workers – some of them brought temporarily to Limerick just for the task – to refuel the reactor and perform inspections, tests, maintenance and modifications on components and equipment.

Exelon replaced one-third of the reactor’s fuel, Limerick Site Vice President Chris Mudrick said. The re-fueling and preventive maintenance should enable Unit 2 to operate for another 24-month cycle. Before the shutdown, Unit 2 ran uninterrupted for 402 days, and in tandem with Unit 1 set a new record of 363 days at Limerick for a dual-unit continuous run.

Both units at full power produce enough electricity for 2 million homes.


Photo by Google Maps

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