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Celebrating Earth Day 2009

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The world observes the 39th anniversary of Earth Day tomorrow (Wednesday, April 22, 2009) with what the Washington DC-based Earth Day Network calls “a billion acts of Green.” Some of them are taking place in our own back yards.

Observing The Day At Lower Pottsgrove Elementary

Students at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School will celebrate Earth Day by decorating grocery bags donated from Sanatoga Thriftway, 2190 E. High St., with messages about recycling, according to Pottsgrove School District publicist Beth Tripani. They’ll return the decorated bags to the store Wednesday to distribute them to customers, who also will be encouraged to reuse and recycle the bags.

The Achin’ Back Garden Center, 10 Penn Rd. in Limerick (PA) Township, just east of the Sanatoga village line, also has joined Lower Pottsgrove for an Earth Day project. It’s donating tomato plants for each first grader to take home. The school’s first-grade class also will plant 10 Colorado Blue Spruce saplings around the Lower Pottsgrove’s “EcoPond,” Tripani said, Wednesday at 1:45 p.m.

They Wear Green, They Go Green

More than 4,000 members of the Girl Scouts who live in Eastern Pennsylvania, including several troops in Montgomery County, will work through Sunday (April 26, 2009) to pull weeds, plant flowers and trees, clear trails, recycle sneakers, and make bird houses as part of Scouting’s week-long “Green Project.” On Earth Day in particular, troops are scheduled to join 27 Girl Scout staff members in planting trees at Valley Forge National Historical Park, 18 miles southeast of Sanatoga.

Save The Planet By Eating It

Earth Week is also National Park Week, and the National Park Foundation (NPF) suggests that one way to be more earth-friendly is to “buy and eat food from sources close to home.” It recommends visiting a neighborhood farm market or grocer that offers local produce, and using only ingredients purchased there to make a meal. Sounds like an endorsement of the Fresh Pickin’ Open Market, held each Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the corner of High and Charlotte streets. Buying local, the NPF says, “cuts down on energy used to transport food and ultimately helps all of our green spaces.”

Save Yourself By “Growing” Your Own Air

Watch a 4m:04s video featuring green office park developer Kamal Meattle of Delhi, India, hosted by the TED (Technology, Entertianment, Design) Network, in which he describes research showing three common plants grown in volume indoors can supply enough fresh air to improve occupants’ health. Press the “play” button, above.

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