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Society Sale Has A Pointed Purpose

Barbara Updegrove pooints to brick work needing repair at Sanatoga Chapel.

Barbara Updegrove points to brick work needing repair at Sanatoga Chapel on East High Street.

SANATOGA PA – For part of every day during the past week, and for a couple of hours every night, volunteers of the Lower Pottsgrove Historical Society sorted, priced and set up used treasures inside the former Sanatoga Chapel, the group’s headquarters and museum at 2341 E. High St. They were preparing for the past weekend’s two-day yard sale, hoping to raise enough money to keep the chapel from crumbling around them.

The building’s brick work is badly in need of repointing. Weather and time have caused mortar that once kept its bricks in place to deteriorate. The repair cost could run as high as $8,000, society member Barbara Updegrove of Princeton Avenue guessed.

The society’s annual yard sale is a modest affair. Proceeds it generated Saturday and Sunday (May 2 and 3, 2009) won’t come anywhere near meeting the expense, but the society is scrimping and saving for the day when the repairs will be affordable. Buyers looking for bargains among the donated items created a steady line of traffic into and out of the chapel during Saturday’s mostly enjoyable weather.

Prospective buyers Saturday at the Historical Society yard sale.

Prospective buyers Saturday at the Historical Society yard sale.

Maybe the greatest benefit, members noted, is that newcomers saw both the inside of the landmark church and how much memorabilia it holds. Display cases with historic artifacts, photos and documents collected from Lower Pottsgrove and Sanatoga over decades, is arranged so visitors can get a quick sense of township history with a few glances.

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