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Power A'Plenty In Grid This Summer

VALLEY FORGE PA – There should be plenty of electricity this summer to meet demands of residental and business users across a 13-state region that includes Pennsylvania, power transmission grid manager PJM Interconnection of Valley Forge said Wednesday (May 6, 2009).

Flip it without worry.

Flip it without worry.

Peak electricity use in PJM’s service area this summer likely will be lower than last year, it said, due to the recession. Even as the economy recovers, the company added, projected peak use of electricity during Summer 2009 is expected to be 1.4 percent below the weather-adjusted peak in 2008.

Consequently, PJM declared, current electricity resources are “adequate.” The company has 165,200 megawatts of power available to satisfy a regional demand it anticipates will be only 134,430 megawatts. A megawatt is enough electricity to power 800 to 1,000 homes. PJM’s region includes 51 million people and 20 percent of the U.S. economy, it said.

“Transmission system upgrades and additions completed since last year also help us meet demand,” PJM Senior Vice President Michael J. Kormos acknowledged. In future years however, he added, the grid will be challenged by both an improved economy and “rising demand for renewable energy.”

Peak electricity use in the PJM region is driven by high temperatures and economic conditions. PJM’s highest use of electricity of 144,644 megawatts occurred in 2006.

PJM manages the grid in all or parts of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

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