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Dent Proposes Medical Freedom Guarantee

Medical choices ahead.

Medical choices ahead.

WASHINGTON DC – Worried about the problems presented by health care rationing in Canada and the United Kingdom, Lower Pottsgrove congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15th Dist.) and Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk said Wednesday (May 20, 2009) they had written and would introduce proposed legislation which they claim guarantees private health care cannot be restricted by the government.

Their Medical Rights Act would prohibit any ability the government might claim to take over health care decisions for families. Canadian law actually bans patients from paying for care themselves, even if they are denied care, and stories of poor care under Britain’s government-run system are common, Dent said.

“One of the greatest strengths of our health care system is that Americans can rely on getting the care that they need when they need it. This legislation will assure Americans that their health care decisions will continue to be made between themselves and their physician,” the congressman added.

In March, President Barack Obama outlined three principles for health care reform: lower costs, increased choice and expanded access. Dent endorsed those goals, and noted that Congress was preparing to debate health care reform proposals this summer.

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