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Five Roads On Town Re-Paving List

SANATOGA PA – Portions of five Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township roads are expected to be re-paved this summer, assuming the township can find enough money to do the job under revenues it receives from Pennsylvania’s liquid fuels tax. Scheduled for new asphalt overlays are segments of King Street, Tanglewood Court, Skytop Road, North Adams Street and Briar Lane.

Re-paving may depend on liquid fuels tax revenues.

Re-paving may depend on liquid fuels tax revenues.

“All of them need the work,” township Manager Rodney Hawthorne told members of the Board of Commissioners during their second monthly meeting Thursday (May 21, 2009) in the municipal building, 2119 Buchert Road. Problem is, the cost of materials alone amounts to $66,000, and use of Lower Pottsgrove’s income from the state tax on gasoline and other liquid fuels is already stretched thin, Hawthorne said.

Complicating matters, according to Hawthorne, is that the township likely will pay more for re-paving labor under new prevailing wage contracts due to be signed in July.

“Will we have a fall paving program too?” Commissioner Anthony Doyle asked. “We’ll have to see how far (the money) goes,” Hawthorne responded, hinting there may not be enough revenue to complete the existing task list. All paving must be completed by no later than Nov. 20, the manager said.

The township would re-pave:

  • King, 600 feet long by 16 feet wide, with 210 tons of material, at a cost of $8,850;
  • Tanglewood, 375 by 28.6, 240 tons, $10,100;
  • Skytop, 425 by 16, 150 tons, $6,325;
  • North Adams, 1,070 by 24, 605 tons, $25,575; and
  • Briar, 620 by 27, 360 tons, $15,150.

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