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Class President Reigns As Mr. Pottsgrove

Dressed in competitive finery - OK, in drag, mostly - are contestants in last week's Mr. Pottsgrove bid.

Dressed in their competitive finery - OK, in drag, mostly - are contestants during last week's Mr. Pottsgrove fund-raising bid.

Winner Nick David, left, and Gabrielle Schurr.

Winner Nick Davis, left, and July 4 homecoming queen nominee Schurr.

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Hey, he’s not just Nick Davis. Heck, he’s not even just president of the Pottsgrove High School senior class of 2009. Oh, no, Davis is much more; he’s (drum roll, please) Mr. Pottsgrove!

OK, so maybe there’s no need for fanfare. But Davis’ win last Thursday (May 21, 2009) in the fund-raising Mr. Pottsgrove pageant, after its four-year absence, was somewhat of a cause for celebration. If high school students’ chatter on Twitter was any indication, those watching the show enjoyed a load of laughs for their $4 admission price.

The competition for the high school’s male students was revived this year by senior Gabrielle Shurr. Shurr’s a contestant herself, Pottsgrove’s representative in the Pottstown PA Independence Day homecoming queen competition. To win, she must raise more money than other candidates to support the cost of July 4 activities sponsored by the borough of Pottstown. So Schurr brought back Mr. Pottsgrove, which was last held in 2005, as a fund-raiser for her cause.

Participants were required to select and model their own casual and swim wear, and display a talent. “Are you man enough to participate in this event?,” competitor wanna-bes were asked. Turns out, nine guys thought they were.

In addition to Davis, the event attracted students Miguel Gonzalez, Jon Capuano, Alex McClellan, Jared Hibbs, Josh Sperow, Mike Larmond, Tyler Hiriak, and Joey Doughtery. “All the guys did a fabulous job,” Schurr reported. Directing the action on stage were Ali Bainbridge, Patrick Madl and Schurr.

“Soooo funny,” one Twitter user exclaimed in a review Thursday evening. Others offered similar sentiments.

Best of all, Schurr noted, “The fund-raiser was a huge success.” Precise amounts aren’t disclosed until the homecoming queen is crowned, but those in attendance estimate Schurr’s total swelled by several hundred dollars.

Photos provided by Gabrielle Schurr

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