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School Bus Pulled From Curve Ditch

In the ditch early Tuesday evening on North Pleasant View Road.

In the ditch early Tuesday evening on North Pleasant View Road.

Looking south down the Pleasant View Road hill.

Looking south down the Pleasant View Road hill.

SANATOGA PA – A Pottsgrove School District school bus went off the west shoulder of North Pleasant View Road and into a 2-foot-deep ditch near the north end of Donna Lane early Tuesday evening (May 26, 2009). The bus was apparently empty except for its driver, and no one at the scene appeared injured when a Sanatoga Post photographer arrived at 6:15 p.m.

The front suspension of the bus appeared damaged. Few other details are known about the incident.

Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township police and fire police were called to the scene, which several times each year is the site of similar accidents involving a variety of vehicles. Most incidents occur as traffic is headed south down a hill on North Pleasant View between Sanatoga Road and Donna Lane, at a sharp curve near the entrance to what is now called the Saylor Tract, an open field on which construction of single-family homes has been planned.

Although it was not raining at the time photographs were taken, the roadway was wet and rain had fallen over a period of hours earlier during the day.

Fire police blocked both ends of North Pleasant View while police investigated, and a large tow truck removed the bus. South-bound traffic was re-routed down Sanatoga Road; north-bound traffic was turned back at Donna Lane until the accident was cleared.

Township and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials have for years known about the hazards posed by the hill and the curve, and since the early 1990s have discussed straightening the highway to reduce risks.

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