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Published during the week just ended in The Sanatoga Post:

Saturday, July 3

  • Keep Healthy Next Week
    A weekly review of free or low-cost local seminars, support groups, screenings, tests and clinics to help you stay healthy and fit, sponsored or conducted by community health care organizations.
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Friday, July 2

  • The Posts Join July’s “1 For All” Campaign
    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees, among other things, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The Post Publications, grateful for both, are participating in a month-long national campaign to raise awareness of the First Amendment.
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    • Your Pocketbook, In Transit
      Bus, train, and subway fare hikes took hold Thursday across SEPTA. It’ll cost more now, for those who rely on public transportation, to get into and out of the greater Pottstown area.
    • She Can Dance All Night … Still
      An orthopedic surgeon with offices in Lower Pottsgrove gives country dancing freedom back to a West Reading woman.
  • Your Freedom To Rock, A First Amendment Guarantee
    The ability for Americans to express themselves, granted by the First Amendment, has made our nation great.
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Thursday, July 1

  • Developer Sets New Costco Date: Spring 2011
    A brief press release from O’Neill Properties Group acknowledges the anchor tenant store in its Gateway At Sanatoga project won’t be built by this year’s end.
  • Stuff To Do This Weekend
    Fireworks, parades, good food, fun rides, and the general sense of well-being that comes with knowing we live in the best nation in the world. The Post wishes all a happy and safe Fourth.
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Wednesday, June 30

Tuesday, June 29

  • Habitat, Already A Home Builder, Now Retailer Too
    (With Video) A non-profit builder and renovator of single-family homes in the Pottstown area during the past 10 years has broadened its horizons, and its ability to create revenue, by selling construction products.
  • New Restaurant Coming To North End
    What was once old will be new again, although not under the same name or with the same concept, at the former Dairy Queen on North Charlotte Street in Lower Pottsgrove.
  • Area Residents Make MCCC Dean’s List
    Across Pottstown, Lower Pottsgrove and Limerick, and further east, dozens of Montgomery County Community College students earned honors during the just completed spring semester.
  • News Company Explores Blogger Ad Network
    (With Video) Newspaper and web publisher Journal Register Company, which owns The (Pottstown PA) Mercury and The (Phoenixville PA) Phoenix, is studying the feasibility of creating an online advertising network of bloggers and other writers.
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  • Also, In The Pottstown Post

Monday, June 28

  • Notebook Worthy
    What’s hot, and what’s hot in keeping cool, during the Pottstown Rumble. Hot going-out-of-biz sales this week at Rite-Aid. Hot asphalt coming to Pruss Hill Road and elsewhere. A wounded store clerk comes home. And a PART bus can take you home, but not on its usual route.
  • What They Sold For
    A review of highest prices paid for real estate in Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township and surrounding municipalities.
  • LGS Unit 1 Back Online, 84 Hours Later
    It took more than three days to make electrical repairs to one of two electricity generators, but both Exelon power plants are operating.
  • Concert Helped Visitors Forget Steamy Heat
    (With Video) The Bil Koss Combo wailed away Sunday night in the first of Lower Pottsgrove’s summer series of concerts. Watch and hear them play a Glenn Miller standard.

Sunday, June 27

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