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Hallman Apartments At Buchert Ridge Get Zoning OK

SANATOGA PA – A proposal for a four-story building of garden suite apartments to complete the Buchert Ridge Community at Buchert and Kepler roads received Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township Zoning Hearing Board approval Tuesday night (April 19, 2011), but it came with a list of 12 conditions that regulate the height of some nearby buildings, the size of accompanying carports, and placement of landscaping items.

The hearing board did not rule on the height of the apartment building itself, because developer J. Wilmer Hallman of Hallman Retirement Communities, based in Sanatoga PA, earlier agreed it would not exceed township limits. What was considered its excessive height, when first presented, prompted objections in recent months from neighboring property owners.

One such owner, Matthew Cappelletti of 1215 Kepler Rd., Pottstown PA, was represented by legal counsel at earlier hearings. The board’s conclusions of law, to be distributed today (Wednesday, April 20), specifically found Cappelletti did not meet a “burden to prove to a high degree of probability” that he adjoining buildings would “substantially affect the health, safety and welfare of the community.”

The hearing board ruling could be appealed in civil courts.

The board’s several conditions limit the:

  • Amount of impervious coverage (like asphalt and buildings) on the parcel;
  • Coverage area of the apartments and service buildings;
  • Size and placement of landscape buffers on Buchert Road and facing Kepler Road;
  • Height of a pedestrian walkway between the apartments and nearby parking garage, the garage itself, adjacent carports an service buildings; and the
  • Number and square footage of adjacent carports.

A audience significantly smaller than the crowd that turned out for earlier hearings was on hand to hear the board’s ruling. It was issued shortly after the 6 p.m. start of the board meeting in the township municipal building on Buchert Road.

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