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Pottsgrove Crowd Vocal In Opposing Educational Centers

POTTSTOWN PA – About 200 people turned out Tuesday night (Dec. 6, 2011) to voice their opinions on Pottsgrove School District redistricting proposals to the Board of School Directors, and a majority – according to The (Pottstown PA) Mercury newspaper – seemed to turn down a plan that would create grade-grouped educational centers at three elementary school buildings as a way to balance the student population and gain teaching efficiencies.

What district administrators refer to as their “centers model” would establish two kindergarten through second grade groups at Ringing Rocks and West Pottsgrove elementary schools, and one of grades 3-5 at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary. Newly renovated Ringing and Lower, a former middle school campus, have an abundance of classroom space, while pupil seats at West have been in increasingly shorter supply.

Many of those who spoke told directors they considered the centers approach a too-radical change. Instead, The Mercury reported, they preferred to have the district even out class sizes by redrawing attendance boundaries and more simply determine where students would attend schools under current K-5 grade configurations.

Centers model advocates, who Tuesday appeared to be in the minority, argued it would improve learning by giving students greater access to teachers and resources. Opponents contended the centers represented an “experiment” that lacked sufficient research to prove them worth considering.

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