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Pottsgrove Shows Off Its Newest Jewel, Ringing Rocks

POTTSTOWN PA – Proud Ringing Rocks Elementary School Principal Michelle Bozzini (above at right) and other members of the Pottsgrove School District administration and school board smiled and greeted visitors Tuesday night (Dec. 13, 2011) as the newly renovated and expanded school’s doors were officially opened for public viewing and self-guided tours.

The event marked a milestone in the history of the 1401 Kauffman Rd., Pottstown PA, building where thousands of students have been educated over several decades. The $16 million renovation project included classroom additions, expansion of project areas for art and other curriculum, a new media center and library, and technological innovations like a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Parents and their children seemed most delighted by the media center (above), the central feature of which is a grouping of plush, green-upholstered chairs intended to invite young readers to sit and be engrossed in their books. Special lighting fixtures in the library (right) not only focus light down to specific spots, but also up and out with the use of reflecting plates.

Adjacent to the media center is the school computer lab (below), filled from wall to wall with Apple devices ready for learners. In it, and in each classroom too, projectors hanging from the ceiling display the contents of the computers’ screens for all to see.

In the new classrooms, kids tried out desks and seats (above), envisioned themselves as teachers (left), and generally claimed the space as their own. Some district residents, both inside the rooms and down the hall during a reception at the cafeteria, took the opportunity to talk among themselves about potential changes in class make-ups as Pottsgrove considers its options in redistricting to better use available space at all three of its elementary schools.

The auditorium stage became a platform for friendship among students accompanying their families (above) and the renovated gymnasium (below) was the place where another group worked off their energy and excitement.

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