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Township Engineers Lend Hand With Allison Drive Wall

Townhomes along Allison Drive in Sanatoga

SANATOGA PA – A group of neighbors and property owners in the 2600 block of Allison Drive, just west of Sanatoga Road and Cutillo’s Restaurant in Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township, are receiving preliminary help authorized by the Board of Commissioners to determine the extent of damage to a retaining wall behind their homes, and how it might be repaired.

The board did not promise to have the wall fixed, and did not acknowledge it was a township problem. “But because we want to be fair to everybody,” commission President Jonathan Spadt said, he and his colleagues agreed to have a representative of the Bursich Associates engineering firm assess the wall’s issues and offer some guidance in addressing them.

The group was represented during the board’s meeting earlier this month (Feb. 6, 2012) by King of Prussia attorney Ellis Saul, who said the wall – which supports an earthen embankment between properties on Allison Drive and those higher up on adjacent Terraced Hill Court – has deteriorated over several years due to poor drainage. Its ownership is under question, because no homeowners association exists for the community built there, Saul said.

“Its current appearance raises questions regarding its structural integrity, and poses a potential danger,” the attorney added.

The wall was built sometime during the early 1990s. Homeowners who hired Saul purchased properties on Allison Drive between 1999 and 2011. They’ve researched possible repairs, “but I don’t know where they would start or stop,” one home owner, a man, told commissioners. “We could plow $50,000 into fixing that thing and still not have it solved,” he said.

Spadt said he understood residents’ concerns, but added: “We just can’t go around solving everyone’s problems.”

Commissioners nonetheless asked Bursich to be involved, along with other township officials as appropriate. Saul thanked them for the consideration.

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