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Township Will Hire Engineer To Specify Generator Needs

A summer file photo of the municipal building's front entrance

SANATOGA PA – When the lights go out at the township municipal building, Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners’ Vice President Bruce Foltz says he doesn’t want to be the one “shooting in the dark.”

Foltz proposed, and his colleagues agreed during their March 5 meeting, to have a professional electrical engineer determine the size and load capacity of an emergency use electrical generator budgeted to be purchased this year and installed at the building, 2199 Buchert Rd.

Until now, Foltz – who is an electrical contractor himself – said the board has obtained only estimates of what the building might need to ensure enough money was budgeted. It doesn’t know enough, however, to place an order. “It would be well worth the money we spend to get an engineer to figure that out,” Foltz said.

An expert would consider several factors for which the board has now answers, township engineer Scott Exley of Bursich Associates said: “What you’ll need to run everything you want, how the building is wired, how the generator gets hooked up, and even what kind of fuel you’ll want to use.”

The township currently relies on smaller and, commissioners said, insufficient generators to power some equipment during emergencies. At greatest need is its police department, which occupies the municipal building’s lower level and has experienced power outages in the past.

Exley offered to refer names of electrical engineers that board could consider.

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