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The Post Wins Second Award For Its Daily Headline Feed

SANATOGA PA – Constant Contact Inc., a Waltham MA-based provider of e-mail distribution services to more than 400,000 businesses, on Thursday (March 15, 2012) named The Sanatoga Post and The Post Publications network as one of its 2011 All Stars. The honor, received by The Post for a second consecutive year,  is bestowed upon companies that consistently follow ethical e-mailing practices while enjoying high rates of recipient participation.

The Post has relied on Constant Contact since 2008 to deliver its daily headlines newsletter by e-mail, while giving readers the opportunity to take (“opt-in for”) or drop (“opt-out from”) the newsletter at any time, no questions asked. Constant Contact also employs strict delivery and anti-spamming rules to ensure readers’ e-mail addresses remain private.

As of Thursday, the service had delivered more than 156,800 e-mails on The Post’s behalf. Because of the online news service’s phenomenal growth, the total of e-mails sent was nearly twice that of 2010.

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Constant Contact also reported The Post’s rates for e-mail “opens” (representing messages actually read by recipients) and “click-throughs” (the number of embedded links readers clicked on to see content) were between two and four times higher than publishing industry averages.

Advertiser interest has followed reader interest. Since The Sanatoga Post began accepting advertising, its number of advertising clients, the number of ads served, and the click-through rate for advertising response all have climbed monthly. “We’re pleased to be able to satisfy both our readers and our sponsors too,” Managing Editor Joe Zlomek said.

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