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Thanks To Sandy, Say Bye-Bye To Buses And Transit

Thanks To Sandy, Say Bye-Bye To Buses, Transit

POTTSTOWN PA – Workers in Pottstown, Lower Pottsgrove and Limerick who depend on SEPTA buses or trains to reach their jobs will either have to find alternate transportation Monday (Oct. 29, 2012) or take the day off, as public transit will be suspended from 12:30 a.m until at least Tuesday (Oct. 30) in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.

The storm is expected to be so severe, however, that their employers may end up closing too.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority said Sunday afternoon (Oct. 27) its shutdown will start as its regular daily service schedules end, shortly after midnight.

  • Pottstown Area Rapid Transit buses also will not operate Monday, The (Pottstown PA) Mercury reported.

The suspension covers all modes of SEPTA travel, including buses, regional rail and the Norristown high-speed line. That means those who depend on bus Route 93 between Pottstown and Norristown, Route 99 between Phoenixville and Norristown, or Route 139 between Limerick and King of Prussia are out of luck.

Only the authority’s paratransit service will be available for reserved dialysis patients, and then only as long as safe operations are possible, SEPTA reported.

“Suspending our service in the face of an unprecedented storm is in the best interest of the safety of our customers and employees,” SEPTA General Manager Joseph Casey. said “This will also protect our vehicles and infrastructure from damage, and allow us to return to service as soon as possible.” SEPTA will continue to monitor the storm and prepare system to resume service as soon as conditions allow, he added.

SEPTA advised customers to adjust travel plans before shutdown. Its customer service hours will be extended through the storm, and customer service representatives will be available by phone at 215-580-7800.

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