Oh, What Folks Wouldn’t Give For Just Another Battery

Oh, What Folks Wouldn't Give For Just Another Battery

HUNTING FOR BATTERIES? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT – The most precious commodities to be had anywhere during the past weekend’s (Oct. 27-28, 2012) mad scramble for Hurricane Sandy readiness supplies were “D”-sized batteries, the large, bulky energy cells used in equally large, high-powered flashlights. So many people went in, and out, of the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Royersford PA looking for them that by late Saturday its employees had posted a sign on its left door, reporting “No More D Batteries Sorry!” By mid-day Sunday a second sign had been added to the right door, announcing “No More 9 (volt), 6 (volt) and D Batteries Sorry!!” Sounds like people took what they could buy, until they could buy no longer.

Photo by Debbie Zlomek for The Post Publications

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